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RMT Massage (Insurance Billable)

“Billable” refers to services or treatments that can be charged to an insurance provider or directly to the client. In the context of massage therapy, this typically refers to treatments that are considered medically necessary and are therefore covered by insurance. To be able to bill insurance providers, the massage therapist must be a registered massage therapist (RMT) who is licensed and authorized to provide massage therapy services.

Extended health care coverage (insurance) only covers massage treatments provided by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). We also offer Direct Billing at no extra charge. RMT Massage Rate: $126/hour

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Regular Massage (Non-Billable)

On the other hand, “non-billable” services are treatments or services that are not covered by insurance and must be paid for by the client out-of-pocket. These may include services that are not deemed medically necessary or that are considered to be more for relaxation or wellness purposes rather than for the treatment of a specific medical condition.

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Central Okanagan Massage
106-3535 Old Okanagan Hwy, Westbank BC

  • We are located within the same block as the Real Canadian Superstore on the Old Okanagan Hwy.
  • The plaza also includes The Salvation Army.
  • There is free parking available at both the front and rear of the plaza.